Our Mission

The Observer’s mandate is to inform, engage and educate its audience on the communities we cover both in print and online.

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At The Observer, our primary goal is to inform, engage, and educate our audience on the communities we cover. Whether it's in print or online, we aim to provide essential information that meets and exceeds the needs of our readers. We work hard to bring our audience the latest news in a unique and rewarding way, staying ahead of the curve in our coverage.

Our team of professional journalists is dedicated to providing high-quality content that rewards our readers' time. We understand that our readers are looking for information that is relevant, informative, and engaging, and we work hard to deliver just that. Our news coverage is unique, reflecting our vision of community journalism. Because of this, we have won many awards and are ranked among the top community newspapers in Canada.

We are proud to have the continued support of our local advertising partners who recognize the value of community news. A well-read newspaper is a successful one, and that has been our driving force since inception. We know that our achievements are linked to the achievements of our community. Therefore, we pledge to deliver news and information that encourages and assists local businesses and institutions.

As a community newspaper, we believe in the power of storytelling to bring people together and foster a sense of community. We strive to be a platform for dialogue and engagement, providing our readers with a voice to share their perspectives and experiences. We cover more than just the headlines. We dive deep into important issues that matter to our readers and offer context and insights to help them better understand our community.

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