Preparing digital advertising

Use the award-winning designs of The Observer staff or send in your own completed artwork. Your artwork should be able to work with the most current Adobe Creative Suite of software. Find out more here.

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Craft compelling advertising messages that yield results. 

Our advertising packages include the cost of advertising design, should you require our services. Our skilled graphics team is ready to create the perfect graphic to complement your advertising message and grab the attention of your target audience. You can send us your own digital files, but they need to work with The Observer's specs and file format requirements. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their advertising goals with high-quality designs and exceptional service.

Supported file formats:

The Observer uses the most up-to-date Adobe products.

File Preparation | Newsprint

  • Newspaper printed at 100 line screen

  • Halftone images: 200 resolution .tif or .jpg

  • Lineart images: 600 dpi .tif or .jpg

  • Adjust images for 30% dot gain on newsprint. Adjusting images slightly lighter than expected will produce more optimal results.

  • Low-resolution web images or poor-quality images will be replaced with a suitable graphic. We want your ad to look at its best, so it will perform at its best!

  • There should be no colour elements in black and white advertising.

Technical Assistance:

Help is always available: email during regular office hours.

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