Observer Advertising Policy

What you need to know about advertising with The Observer. All advertising is accepted subject to the Publisher's discretion at all times.

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All advertising is accepted subject to the Publisher’s discretion at all times.

  1. Advertiser assumes responsibility for unauthorized use of name, photograph, image, device, or word protected by copyright or registered trademark.
  2. Any design, artwork or typesetting supplied by The Observer is copyright The Observer for the exclusive use by the Publisher. Any other use not authorized in writing is an infringement of copyright and subject to a minimum $75 per item production charge.
  3. Any notice of cancellation must be sent in writing, and received by the Publisher prior to closing date.
  4. The Publisher will not be responsible for damages arising out of errors in advertisements beyond the amount paid for the space occupied by that portion of the advertisement in which the error occured.
  5. There shall be no liability for non-insertion or late publication for any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement.

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