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The Observer is an independent Community Newspaper serving Woolwich and Wellesley Townships. Located in Elmira, Ontario Canada. The Observer is a division of Cathedral Communications Inc. founded in 1996.

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Welcome to The Observer, an independent community newspaper serving Woolwich and Wellesley Townships in Elmira, Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to provide relevant and informative news and events that matter to our readers, while upholding the highest standards of journalistic practices and ethical behaviour.

Founded in 1996, The Observer is a division of Cathedral Communications Inc. We are proud members of the Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA) and News Media Canada. Our memberships keep us informed of the latest industry trends and best practices, so we can provide accurate and relevant news coverage to our readers.

At The Observer, we believe in transparency and accountability. That's why we are also a member of the National News Media Council, a voluntary regulatory organization that deals with journalistic practices and ethical behavior. To file a complaint about our news stories, opinion columns, or photos please visit mediacouncil.ca or call 1-844-877-1163.

As a community newspaper, we understand the importance of serving our readers and supporting local businesses and organizations. We cover a wide range of topics, including local news, events, sports, arts, and culture. Our skilled journalists and writers are committed to delivering comprehensive and insightful coverage of the topics that are most important to our community.

In addition to our print newspaper, we also offer a digital edition, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Our website is updated regularly with breaking news, feature stories, and multimedia content, providing our readers with a comprehensive and engaging news experience.

At The Observer, we are committed to serving our community with integrity, honesty, and professionalism. We are passionate about what we do, and we take pride in being a trusted source of news and information for our readers. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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