Service Directory Advertising

Reach our audience every week with your professional services. Affordable weekly advertising to connect with Woolwich, Wellesley and Waterloo residents.

The Observer's Service Directory is an economical and effective way gets you in front of a local audience every single week.

Single$28 / insertion1.0625w X 2.3"h
Double$45 / insertion2.375"w X 2.3"h
Triple$60 / insertion3.6875"w X 2.3"h
Quadruple$90 / insertion5"w X 2.3"h

Service Directory Policy | A minimum booking of 4 consecutive weeks required

All Service Directory ads are run TFN (ā€˜til further notice). By placing an ad, the advertiser 

agrees to call or email to cancel ad run with sales representative.  Ads are black and white only.